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lots of trouble, lots of kin to be going on with

I am thinking about sitting down on the ground -Tales of/on/with MotherLands / group exhibition / Midpunkt gallery / Kópavogur / 2021

I consider myself a woman in a female body. Maybe not “a” woman, not a single individual, I am “woman”, a multi-being made up of more than one sentient being. Within my female body lives billions of microorganisms, I am more “other” than I am me. Interacting with me are bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses. Some feed me, some poison me, some are just there, we are companion species, we are a multi being.

Acknowledging and taking roots in the historical symbiotic relationship between female bodies and microorganisms through beer making and taking place in a post-feminist context, I want to expand my body and my identity. I am not one, I am plural. The microorganisms harvested on my body are us, and we are brewing new identities and making new trans species kinship.

Using my microbiota I brewed and presented four beers, products of a symbiotic relationship between the multi-being “us”, some of our microbiota and hops (necessary for the making of the drink).