Collaborator: Pola Sutryk
Work: Food, cutleries & event
Location: The Nordic House, Reykjavík, IS
Date: 2022


Carnal Dinner is a serie of events where guests are invited to try food utensils that Elín Margot designed to highlight the sensual pleasure of eating. This edition was made in collaboration with chef Pola Sutryk.

Having sex and having food are often viewed as similar experiences. They both implicate the body, provoking uncontrollable responses to stimulation and they both have the ability to generate pleasure. Yet social and cultural norms turn around the idea of controlling bodies by restraining and hiding biological processes such as arousal or even hunger: the shame we feel when our stomachs are growling.

Those restrictions create taboos, topics that can never be seen nor discussed such as sexuality. In recent years, with the rise of body and sex positive movements, a dialogue was opened and created a burst in the creation of sex toys dedicated to various pleasures. What if the same happened at our dinner table?

Carnal Appetite is a collection of conceptual food utensils designed to highlight the sensual pleasure of eating. With an emphasis on the often condemned actions of licking, slurping and sucking. It is an exploration of an alternative ideology for our society and an invitation to discuss sexuality in the familiar setting of dinner time.

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