for the group show “Handverk” hosted by Félag vöru-og iðnhönnuða for Designmars.
Work: 3D modeled & printed vases
Location: Reykjavík, IS
Date: 2023


A collection of three vases, at first quite traditional but there is a hick. The objects emit a sound, a familiar “click” universally attributed to a computer mouse. A clue of their origin.  With a closer look the vases bug. Some parts are thoroughly sculpted, others pixelated or left to their original form of mesh. Click’Work question the definition of hand work within the digital era. Even if algorithms and computer controlled machines are able to make form it is still human work that feeds the softwares, 3D printers and A.I. The illusion of the autonomous machine is possible through invisible digital labour: hands working often unpaid, hidden behind a click’.