Elín Margot





Rusl Fest

Carnal Dinner ft. Pola Sutryk


This tale carried its beginning   in a bag.

the end of me, the beginning of you,


Carnal Dinner ft. Kjartan Óli Guðmundsson


Candied Fingers

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Kynjakokteil, 2020

Candied Fingers

Candied Fingers is a project that questions and expand the relationship existing between having sex and having food.

Lollipops are hard candies eaten by licking or sucking. Because of that and their treat characteristics, they are often used as a metaphor for oral sex, most of the time referring to fellation. Here lollipops are shaped as fingers, they deliberately assume the sexual suggestivenes of lollipops. Fingers are body parts used both for eating and for sexual pleasure. Every human usually possess ten of them, which makes them a non-gendered sexual symbol, they can refer to any type of sexuality.

Candied Fingers plays with the sexual suggestiveness often assigned to food when styling it for advertising. However here the sexual suggestiveness is used for social interactions in a non-binary space. Those finger shape lollipops might help you break the ice and find a partner for the night.