Soloshow / Flæði Gallery / 2020

Food is intimately connected to our sexuality. Stop eating and you’ll lose your sexual appetite. On the other hand, take a look at erotic or gastronomic pictures and your body will present signs of excitement. “Carnal Appetite” is a design research project on the relationship between food and sexuality resulting in the creation of objects designed to highlight the sensual pleasure of eating.

Having sex and having food are often viewed as similar experiences. They both implicate the body, provoking uncontrollable responses to stimulation and they both generate pleasure. Our social conventions turn around the idea of controlling bodies by restraining and hiding biological processes such as arousal and menstruation. Knowing how to restrain yourself when among others is polite or civil. Those restrictions create taboos, topics that can never be seen nor discussed such as sexuality. To some extent, I believe it contributes to the marginalization of minority groups. Social restrictions are found everywhere especially around food with table manners. What would be the food habits of a society that celebrates bodies and bodily pleasures?