Food designer/artist

1. Du corps_ à l’ouvrage 

Strasbourg/ 2017
Project made within MA Design Social Innovations, Insitu Lab.

    “Du corps_ à l’ouvrage” is my MA diploma’s project, it is a great study on the relationship between impaired people and their technical aid. For that it is necessary to understand how bodies and mind react to objects, how they use them, how they feel about them.

Nowadays, with the digital industry improvement, objects become more and more customisable. You can choose for a very low price how the object will look like, adapt it to your needs or even more create it by yourself.

Could we do the same for medical objects as technical aid ?

“Du corps_ à l'ouvrage” is about building our own medical care, it give the power back to patients who didn’t choose their illness. It also bring creativity inside the hospital and turn it into a real public place where anybody can enjoy the service they provide.

A project led by Maëva & Elín Margot, with the help and support of Strasbourg’s hospital.