research project
Collaborator: Antonía Berg
Work: ceramic
Location: Reykjavík, IS
Date: 2023 - ongoing


How do we express love for the ground we live on? How do we recognize the living body of nature, acknowledge its untamed value, and give it agency within our human societies? We propose to shift the narrative of personification. Instead of talking, thinking, and interacting with an Earth-mother, we prefer the idea of an Earth-lover. A love entity that gives and cares as much as it wants to be loved and cared for. A passionate love story between humans and non-human entities such as fjords, mountains, seas, and all the characters that compose them. Our wild environment is unique and urgently needs consideration as it is, in its entirety. However, our human language is limited and it is difficult to refer to entire ecosystems. We find that embodying landscapes in objects, giving them a body and creating body-to-body interaction with our Earth-lover might ease the shift in thinking.

With Antonía Berg we introduce Fró(u)n, the first collection of pleasure objects made with Icelandic clay.