Reykjavík / 2019
Project made within the MA design, Listaháskóli Íslands.

For our first deb[eat]e we wanted to address two current and big issues within our food system: monoculture and Geneticaly Modified Organisms. We imagined a future where monoculture led to such devastating consequences that our only hope resided in the use of GMOs.

“Soil do not feed crops anymore. Therefore crops do not feed us.

They are so poor in nutrition that the population suffer from dietary deficiency including animals. Animal farming is not sustainable anymore and products like meat or milk are rare and luxurious.

In order to provide the population with enough nutrient scientists have developed fermentation techniques that use modified bacterias to add on the lacking nutrients after harvest.

Nutritive fermentation use bacterias modified with CRISPR to process the sugars in crops and transform them in vitamins and proteins. And they are nutritious, even more than before! Fruits, vegetables and grains are sold with their nutritive fermentation pack. Cheaper and faster than recovering the soil nutritive fermentation is massively employed, found in every kitchen. The future of food is sour.”