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Reykjavík / 2018
Project made within the MA design, Listaháskóli Íslands.

In the near future it will be easier and more precise to create organic beings. Even if the DNA codes is not fully decrypted, you can see some DNA having more value than others. Some GMO plants have codes owned by a company and a patent pending, so they can be valued and sold. With DNA modification soon becoming available for humans we can predict the same scenario.  

Pom is an organic artefact designed from a celebrity’s  DNA. It is 100% true DNA in a tangible form, a famous living code that you own.

Two drops of blood is used to make Pom. It is a simple organism with a circulatory blood system, a skin organ and a muscle which allow them to react when they are touched. Pom does not have a brain, it can not feel emotion or pain. It feeds itself through the pores of its skin, it  sucks the liquid sugar put on their breeding ground and secretes sweat. The breeding ground needs to be maintained by the owner on a weekly basis. If good care is provided to Pom it will last forever.  
Each code that the Poms contain is patent pending and owned by Pom corporation. Every individual selling their DNA code received a percentage of each of their Pom sold. The company reserves the exclusive right-of-sale, copies are illegal.

Pom is much more than a picture, it is your favorite celebrity in the flesh.