Reykjavík / 2019
Project made within the MA design, Listaháskóli Íslands.

Deb[eat]e is an event-based platform designed to provoke debate on the future of our food. This event took place in a bankrupted supermarket during Hönnunar Mars, the Icelandic design festival and was part of the counter_point exhibition.

The scarcity of fossil fuels increases each year. We know it will affect our means of transport, but it will affect the way we eat too. Food production relies on transport and machinery. In the case of a new oil crisis our current systems will not be a viable option anymore. To feed people we will have to look into possible new ways of localising food production. Oil deprivation would greatly impact isolated islands, like Iceland, that rely on imports. The whole country would have to undergo drastic changes in order to feed its population.